Papa Pear Saga Level 240 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 10 Papas to Remove 16 Blackberries; 100,000 points.

Start by hitting the acorn/onion by the inner bamboo when the side tree is heading up since your papa will fall straight down. Hopefully they’ll both be acorns so if the center tree shoots that way you’ll hit a blackberry. Let the side trees shoot your papa into the cauliflower to start them blowing. Try to avoid hitting both doublers at the same time as it’s too chaotic, and you may lose your cauliflower.
The center tree might shoot your papa to the top inside edge by the bamboo where you will hopefully bounce up and down hitting all 6 blackberries.
Hit the fireball bonuses once the onions have been cleared or weakened so you have a direct shot, and you’re not wasting papas. If you have a direct shot at the edge blackberries try to aim gently to wedge your papa between the berry and item, hopefully bouncing you slowly so you can hit others.
Direct shooting at the top berries is very hard. You need the tree opening at 7-8 o’clock and 11-noon I think. It’s a very hard shot so avoid having to do it if you can.
Sorry these tips stink but you have very little control over everything. It’s just as frustrating trying to write these tips as it is playing.

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Hard level and this is our solution,good luck !


4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 240”

  1. Suzzy

    The tree stumps, the papa pears, everything is sooo jerky in level 240…why? I can’t aim at anything and hope to make it because I have no control over the jerky movements. HELP

    • Pat

      Try a different strategy: The level has a “weak spot”, which is in the line from the canon to the 2 fireballs. Always aim on that line when the wood is below. Eventually you will get an open path to the fireball and this removes the blackberries on the left and right. Other blackberries will be removed by chance from papas bouncing around.

      Maybe this isn’t good for many points, but you will pass!

  2. TQ

    I am physically unable to complete this level coz a papa pear keeps getting stuck in a tree stump and either jams the game completely or the stump remains in active and I end up have to quit when I run out of pears (even if I’ve managed to get 16 blackberries) coz the game recognises a papa pear as still being active. So frustrating!

  3. Donneia Page

    I haven’t been able to retrieve my messages for over a month! What can I do to get them? Please help!!!


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