Papa Pear Saga Level 241 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 22 Papas to Remove 60 Onions; 70,000 points

Welcome to the Orchids! When hit their vines will spin removing objects, bonuses, and putting spikeys to sleep/wake up. More detail per level.
Shoot off a side wall trying to hit lots of pink onions as your papa bounces around. When you hit an orchid it will spin, lowering the onions one hit (pink to yellow to purple to gone), so having lots of yellow onions around an orchid is good. But they will also remove the bubble flowers who leave a bubble.
Try aiming at edges of onions to get a bounce to hit others. You can make fireball bonus by shooting to the right wall at or just below the smile, bouncing off the pink bucket, into the left wall. Hopefully they’ll appear in a useful spot for you.











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NEW VIDEO: orchids don’t remove bubble flowers!



9 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 241”

  1. Pam

    The bubble flowers are not removed by the orchids spinning in my version on FB making this an impossible level

    • Pat

      Yes, they don’t get removed. You need papa grandes for that.

      No, the level is possible. Played once, made three stars and scored over 147,000 points.

  2. Liam Scott

    I think this level has changed. I keep doing this one over and over. No matter what I do, the bubble flowers do not disappear. By the time I have only 10 onions left to get, my screen is full of bubbles, and they keep on growing. That also makes it nearly impossible to create a fireball.

    • lmacneil

      I found the only time I got bubble plant disappears is when I get a green ball and hit that ,it turns to a big papa pear, when that bounces on the bubble plant it disappears.few & far between green ones or fire. way to many bubbles and when they get close to top can’t break them. very frustrating

  3. Cathy

    Mean level but not impossible. Took 5 tries but passed with 3 stars and 5 moves left. Definitely hit the right side as the tips say and hope the fire ball comes in a good place. The green ball is going to be your only hope. Good lick all.


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