Papa Pear Saga Level 244 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 25 Papas to Use 10 Power-Ups; 60,000 points.

You need to make fireballs to pass this. Aim at the right wall at the left eye. That should bounce you across the yellow chilies which you will eventually have to remove anyway. Hopefully you’ll make 2 or 3 fireball bonuses. Finish removing the chilies and a lot of the carrots.
Aim just to the left of the item in between the pea pods so you shouldn’t bounce out. Remove all the acorns and onions for multiplier power ups.
To make more fireballs you shoot at the same eye on the right sending you to the top blueberry by the pea pod and over to the left wall. You will need to have peas out of the way. If your papa doesn’t bounce to the left wall adjust your aiming line up or down a tiny bit until you get enough bonuses. If you only have a few pieces of carrot left and a lot of papas remove them for the multiplier first.


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    1. Vic

      Would be an excellent tutorial except the background has changed so you can’t use the instructions to line up your papas.


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