Papa Pear Saga Level 245 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 30,000 points.

The real trick is to get rid of the cauliflower and edge watermelon so you don’t have wind or seeds altering your papa. Start by bouncing off a wall hitting carrots around the fruit. Hopefully your papa will get stuck on the watermelon removing it and the carrots around it. The idea is to have the fruit roll between the wall and nuts.
The fruit by the buckets is hard to get at because of the spikeys. If you managed to remove a cauliflower try to bounce off the wall removing carrots behind the now gone cauliflower to get at the fruit. Going down through the onions is harder but you can try by staying near the edges by the pea pods.
In re-playing to write these tips I’ve noticed a lot of fireball bonuses appearing when you bounce off the wall, and getting bounced or blown into the top warps. Use them to your full advantage, especially if you can get your Fire Papa into the onion area.
Don’t forget about curving your aiming line to hit an object or bump a fruit to fall. Sorry these aren’t better tips.










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  1. Pat

    On the right side the apple will get stuck between the wall and the coconut, and there is NO WAY to get it out of that.
    On the left side, the apple passed through this gap.
    What a poor design is that???


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