Papa Pear Saga Level 246 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Remove 20 Blackberries; 50,000 points.

This level depends on whats in the mystery cans. You could get good bonuses, lots of spikes, nuts, cauliflower, etc., or a mix of both.
Start with a curved aiming line and shoot at the top blackberry then see where you bounce too. The idea for the top five blackberries is to remove the top one then shoot your papa into the gap so it’ll bounce around hitting the other four. If you bounce out try to readjust your aiming line.
A word about the Orchids. If you hit one with the mystery cans shut it will open them all. If you opened some cans and there are bonuses waiting, hitting the Orchid will remove the bonuses on you.
For the bottom blackberries use your curved aiming line. You will most likely hit a mystery can so hope it’s something good. If not, keep at it. You can also remove the top Orchids and shoot through potential gaps to hit blackberries.
The center two blackberries need the mystery cans opened if you want to bounce off an item to hit them. It’s a harder shot because you don’t know what you’re bouncing off of and where it will go so try for the outside ones first.










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