Papa Pear Saga Level 248, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 600,000 points.

Now you need to love peas to pass this level. Start by hitting the top Orchids when it’s almost at a pea pod. That should give it room to keep heading to the wall but also spin its vines to hit the multiplier. The bottom Orchids may be hit accidentally when you hit the top ones but if not do the same shot as for the top two. If you miss the multipliers don’t worry because you’ll probably hit them later bouncing off a pea.
Hitting the lower Orchids will probably bounce your papa onto the red chilies and lower cauliflower. Hitting the center Orchid needs the cauliflower blowing but don’t focus on that. You need to make lots of peas and have your papa bounce around hitting them. Let your papa get blown into the blackberries and center Orchid as a surprise and not planned shot.
If you hit one of the top cauliflowers remove it as fast as you can. You need clear shots at the upper pea pods and blowing cauliflower will send your papa another way.



Orchids do not collect power ups anymore they remove them so you have to avoid hitting orchids when they are close to any multiplier, or in this level close to multipliers:

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6 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 248”

    • Amanda

      They must’ve changed it permanently because everytime I hite the flower it takes away whatever it hits, doesn’t give you the multiplier, it removes it altogether !! all the videos online are the old way…

    • Pat

      In my version the orchids do collect the multiplier. I had several orchids hitting multipliers and finally got x9.
      680,000 is no great score, but what do you expect when you can hit only peas? At least passed πŸ™‚

  1. Pat

    What a stupid level πŸ™ Even when yo have seven multipliers, you cannot get more than about 360,000 points. Peas just count pea-nuts, so where did you get the points from???


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