Papa Pear Saga Level 250, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 23 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 200,000 points.

Start by shooting straight down and see what items you remove and where your fruit may end up. Dropping the fruit under the red peppers requires patience because of all the carrots, onions, acorns, and peas. That’s a lot of stuff to remove, but gentle aiming will help.
Getting the fruit surrounded by the nuts is hard. Aim at the inside of the end two nuts to get your fruit to the left of the pea pod, hopefully resting on the acorns. Shoot out the acorns that you can hit and try to bounce off the lower red pepper if it’s still there to hit the acorns. A pea may work as well.
I had luck accessing the top left fruit by hitting a pea or the blueberry just to the left of it bouncing into that area. The blueberry may bounce you right over the fruit against the left wall and remove those items. Find the right bounce and you’ll be removing the yellow chilies underneath along with carrots, peas, and acorns. Or that fruit might roll to the center area.
The fruit laying on the 3 pea pod can be hard to remove, especially if it’s leaning to the left. You either need the yellow chilies and carrots removed or if it is upright a bounce off a pea to push it to the center area. The top left fruit might hit that fruit too.
You’ll learn how to bounce off the edge of peas on this level. And use grande bonuses if they are easy to hit. They clear a nice path through all the lower items.







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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 250”

  1. Alf Igel

    The level changed and looks completely different now. You have to light up five pods now, and the center pod is impossible to reach.

  2. Pat

    I had several games where I came close to 500,000 points, but something went wrong all the time, usually a fruit got stuck on peas that were impossible to remove, or once they always put another pea in front of the shooter πŸ™

    Never mind, I finally passed with over 620,000 points :-)))


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