Papa Pear Saga Level 251 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 25 Papas to Use 8 Power-Ups; 100,000 points.

A potentially frustrating level if you remove the cauliflower too soon. Shoot at a wall bouncing off your mystery can into the warp spinner. Your papa will reappear above one of the cauliflower, hitting it and hopefully bouncing into the opposite wall for a fireball bonus. Do this for both mystery cans. With luck you’ll get 2 power ups and not some item already on the board.
Hitting the warp off the wall will get harder as you remove the onions and acorns towards the center by the moving bamboo. Eventually you’ll end up removing the cauliflower by using the warps.
The red peppers should get removed by the cauliflower blowing your papa off a blackberry.
Once the cauliflower are gone you’ll have to see what you have removed so you can decide where to shoot. The watermelon are tricky to remove because of their spitting seeds. If you have just a few blackberries left remove the items in the way to hit them, probably with gently curved aiming line. The yellow chilies need a lot of the upper items removed.
Watch out for the moving bamboo too because they will alter your shot if you don’t pay attention.






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  1. Pat

    Frustrating level? Not for me. Got four multipliers, had 11 papas left, and scored three stars easily, totaling in 570,000 points.


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