Papa Pear Saga Level 252 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Remove 55 Acorns; 30,000 points.

This level is all about patience in shooting your papa and waiting for it to bounce around. Start by shooting your papa into the areas with 2 acorns. You may hit the carrot head or bamboo edge so watch the timing of how the sections move.
I say patience because you might shoot at the left side and the right side end up in the middle without knowing it. Getting in the middle requires you to try shooting at a bamboo gap but have the side carrot push you in, and even then you might hit the edge bamboos.
When you are down to your last few acorns needed aim carefully. Straight shots, not curved, work best because a curved shot moves slower.
If you get a papa stuck on the right side nut next to the wall you’ll have to quit, even if you have enough acorns. The moving nut keeps your papa moving just enough so the game thinks it’s doing something productive and not just stuck motionless.






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4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 252”

  1. Pat

    Impossible level, as there is no way to shoot into the lower area, and only accidental bouncing may remove a few acorns there – always too few to make the level :-(((

  2. Pat

    No, this is _not_ about patience, but – as usual – it’s all about luck. If not SEVERAL lucky bounces will bring SEVERAL papas in the lower area, there is NO chance at all.

  3. Pat

    47 seems to be the magic number – times that you have to play, before you can remove more than this number of acorns…


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