Papa Pear Saga Level 254 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Remove 8 Orchids; 40,000 points.

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Level 254 is a pea creating level because when you hit the Orchid it’s vines hit the entire pea pod sending out peas.

Start by aiming at the carrot by the upper pea pod openings to bounce your papa to hit the Orchid. If you miss the Orchid you’ll need to use the tree or bounce off a pea up into the Orchid.

The middle three are easy to hit. Use the tree to hit the one under it.

Hitting the edge two can be done by putting your pointer on the heart and score bar. You want to shoot 2 papas immediately so one rolls over the pea pod hitting the carrots and Orchid. Hope for a nice roll otherwise your papa will just remove the carrots on the wall side making you do it again.

With 7 gone, you want a clear shot to the pea pod opening of the bottom Orchids. Hit the inside edge and you should hit the Orchid. If there are peas around it Try again and bounce off a pea into the Orchid.

Ignore the red peppers as a multiplier. If you get them, good for you. They’re more of a tease.


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