Papa Pear Saga Level 255, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 50,000 points.

Shoot a cauliflower’s lower side so you’ll hit the Orchid when the column of spikeys starts moving up. It will also start your cauliflower blowing so hit that when the spikeys are low and you get blown into the warp spinner. You should alternate sides hitting the cauliflower in case the warp spinner sends you to the other side and you hit the Grande bonus. If the spikeys are sleeping try hitting the Grande bonus when the bamboo is close to it to remove the spikeys. If you miss let the Papa Grande remove onions around the fruit.
If the edge fruit is leaning one way or another bounce your papa with a curved aiming line off the wall avoiding any spikeys trying to hit the inside onions helping you drop the fruit.
The center fruit are a pain. Try to have the spikeys by the onions sleeping so that when you shoot straight down, finally hitting the Orchid, they will be removed. Then it’s timing shots to have the top spikeys as far away from each other. You want to hit the edge of the blueberry on to the inside of the fruit, removing onions and hitting the Orchid. If a fruit falls on the bamboo wait to see if it falls before shooting again. If it’s stuck hit the blueberry again to push it off the edge.
It is possible to make fireball bonuses but very hard, and the bonus will most likely be in a useless spot. That said, aim at the smile on the right and have the upward blowing cauliflower blowing. When any spikes on the right start moving up, and the bamboo starts moving to the right shoot and you should be blown into the warp spinner, hopefully reappearing on the left and hitting the wall making the bonus. I suggest trying this after the top cauliflower are gone so if you don’t hit the left wall you have a chance by hitting the onions or bouncing off a sleeping spike. It does seem that you reappear on the right side a lot though. I got lucky and had it above the center onions.

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  1. Pat

    I hate this level: The two outside fruits never come down, always stay on some onions; and the two center ones always get stuck between bamboos and cauliflower πŸ™


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