Papa Pear Saga Level 259 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Use 12 Power-Ups; 120,000 points.

Start this level by aiming above the right watermelon, hitting the wall and getting shot to the other wall by a seed. You can also do this against the left wall too removing a lot of the top carrots. You should make a Grande bonus or two. Don’t shoot at any bonuses because your papas in action might hit them.
Depending what is left on the board, you’ll want to remove all the watermelon on one side. That way you shoot at the melon sided wall and have the seeds send you into the opposite wall for the fireball bonus.
Keep an eye on how many papas you have and power ups needed. You might need to bounce a papa off bonus item into another one. A fun level with papas of all sizes and burning, bouncing everywhere.




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5 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 259”

  1. Sharon Russ

    You really need to do something with this game, #259. Not enough papas to complete it. There needs to be an option somewhere on how to move to the next game after you fail to complete the game after multiple days worth of trying. I’m getting to the point that this game is no longer fun if you can’t advance. Please do something about it.

  2. Linda Stevens

    I too am getting tired of being on the same level for a month at a time. It is fixed for you to give in and pay money more than it is for someone to have fun. Now that it is summer I just may give it up entirely! sorry!

  3. Pat carter

    This really is a ridiculous level. Just pure chance. Very boring and seriously fed up with it. No skill required just luck

    • Pat

      How did you do that? I had a first papa grande making 400,000 points, and all the 14 others made another 400,000 together, but there were only nine power-ups in the whole game…
      So made over 800,000 points, and still lost :-(((


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