Papa Pear Saga Level 260 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 14 Papas to Use 10 Power-Ups; 150,000 points.

Start by shooting at each wall or bouncing off an onion to hit the wall. Let them bounce into the yellow chilies and down into the jar area. At best your papas will have switched sides and the jar will push them into the opposite walls for fireball bonuses and broken jars. That’s the real trick, to get your papa between a jar and one of the jars paths towards a wall so the papa hits the jar continually until it breaks and you get the power up. Remove the yellow chili if it’s not for a power up too.
If you still have jars to break shoot when they are coming together for extra breakage. There is the red pepper and lower corner blackberries or power ups too but go after the berries by shooting gently to remove lot of the acorns and onions. It may be blocked by a nut that you can see on the right side in the picture.
If you have removed most all of the items you can make a fireball bonus as seen in the first video.

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