Papa Pear Saga Level 263 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Use All Papas; 350,000 points.

This is a tricky level since you need a lot of the multipliers hit first and then keep your papa bouncing around inside the pea pods. But first hit the right side fireball hopefully burning up spikey and some of the pea pods and removing the red peppers. Remove all the red peppers and hit that multiplier.
If there are multipliers on the right side between pea pods aim at the wall on the right eye to hit the bottom one, just above the bottom line of the hat to hit the middle one, and the most important shooting area, your aiming dot one third of the way in on the middle line of the hat ( so you have the bottom line of the hat above the eyebrows, middle line, and dark top line defining the hat shape). You will most likely have to adjust your aim but the middle line area will bounce your papa into the center items removing them in a frenzy of bounces. Hit any multipliers you make to keep increasing your score.
If your papa has emptied out all the items and it bounces in and out or into the bucket you can always make peas if the upper pod isn’t all burned up. The peas are worth fewer points initially but if you’re just bouncing off a blueberry or two it might be worth it. You decide.

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