Papa Pear Saga Level 270, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Use 9 Power-Ups; 50,000 points.


Start by hitting the multiplier if its accessible. Then it’s on to the mystery cans. You’ll probably get a fireball so avoid hitting that until you need it as a last power up. To hit the mystery cans below the trees shoot two papas at the back of the tree. The first one will get shot by the tree and the second one will sneak behind the tree.
If you have a lot of cauliflower try making a lot of peas to get a Grande bonus. The cauliflower can help you make lots of peas if it is blowing toward a pea pod. Should you get a cauliflower in the corners blowing up you can make a Grande bonus because it will blow your papa into the corner forever. You’ll need to remove the cauliflower or shoot another papa to bounce both out. Don’t hit your last power up with the papa blown in the corner or you’ll lose.
Be patient because your papa can make a Grande bonus hitting peas so let it bounce around before shooting again.

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4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 270”

  1. Brittany Daniels

    Level 270 is now harder. Instead of having to use 9 multipliers, you now have to use 10 multipliers. The video for level 270 needs to be updated to show how to beet the level by using 10 multipliers instead of 9 multipliers.

  2. Pat

    There is not even a way to make nine multipliers, let alone hit them. Get stuck with six or seven, always. Too many blueberries in the cans.
    Also the left and right mouse key are swapped again since yesterday. What a nuisance!!!

  3. Hans Wurst

    8, 6, 6, 7, 4 – these are the numbers of power-ups in five games. Never ever made a single papa grande bonus, this doesn’t work any more!!!


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