Papa Pear Saga Level 271, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Remove 111 Acorns; 300,000 points.

King switched some levels, so level 271 is now Papa Pear Saga level 275:


Did anyone get a leaf blower? The maple leaves are this levels new item. Luckily they disappear when hit but hiding the board is a nuisance.
Make a fireball bonus by shooting at the left wall, across the carrots, to the right wall. If you have enough carrots make a second fireball shooting at the right wall.
Now you want to make grande bonuses which is quite easy so shoot a papa at a wall and let it bounce down the wall hitting stuff. Repeat on the other side.
You really want the Papa Grandes to hit a lot of onions and acorns which should make you more grande bonuses. There are 3 doubler bonuses too which are great if you hit one with a Papa Grande. The fireball bonus is most effective when it’s moving left and right, removing lots of items.
If you’re down to needing just a few acorns look for ones not blocked by onions and aim carefully or try to hit any grande bonuses near acorns. By this time there is lots of room for papas of any size to fall straight down.

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  1. Pat

    Fire bonus do not appear until you have removes some leaves. So you fist have to clear a path downwards, then you need to shoot at the wall, but slightly below the highest point, or the papa will just bounce upwards and stall. Then you need the luck of a grande bonus next to the fire bonus, and this combination only will clear enough onions so that enough acorns _can_ be cleared. Papa grandes alone will not remove more than 70 to 80 acorns in average.


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