Papa Pear Saga Level 273 , video walkthrough, check it for tips and tricks for Level 273!

The King switched some levels, so level 273 is now Papa Pear Saga level 280:



 Papa Pear Saga Level 273The Task to complete in order to pass Papa Pear Saga Level 273 is to use 20 Papa Pear Saga Power-Ups. This is a fun and well planned Papa Pear Saga Level, at least after it was rewamped. You can scroll down if you want to check out the old Level layout played by Lea.

Use at least one multiplier as soon as you can, otherwise you might get too little points in order to achieve at least one star.


Below is the old level tipped off by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins.

Task: Use All Papas; 350,000 points.

Peas and multipliers are needed for this level. Removing the acorns is easy for a quick multiplier but you need to remove the red and yellow peppers to get their multipliers to get enough points. Don’t focus on the onions since they need 3 hits to get removed so let your papa bounce into them.
As for the peas, you want your papa to land on top of a pod, preferably the top one, so it can roll back and forth until it hits a pea, knocking the papa off and hitting the peas, hopefully making a grande bonus. If your Papa Grande gets on a pea pod you’ll be making lots of peas and eventually hitting them. An easy way to land your papa on the top pod is to bounce off the top left blueberry when the pods are moving left.

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8 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 273”

  1. Eva Nellis

    Since updating in my apps for papa pear I can not send or receive lives it says I need Facebook authorization and permission. Worked fine up until then please help

  2. Sunshine Please

    My level 273 looks nothing like what you show here….same for 272. It was completely different than what you show. Was there an update? Did I miss something?

    • Alf igel

      Yes, the level 273 has been changed completely and has nothing to do with the level shown here.

  3. Pat

    The paps will not land on a pea pod but bounce away, no matter how slow you drop them, and there will never ever be a single grande bonus in this game.
    Getting the multipliers for acorns and chilies will need half of the game, removes almost everything on the board, and leaves you with a low score, and nothing is left to be hit and earn more points.

  4. Pat also have manipulated this level in the version you play on MS edge such that you don’t get a grande bonus anymore, even if your papa bounces a hundred times.

    • Admin

      So there are really people using MS Edge?! I tried it once, panicked and downloaded Chrome lols! 😛


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