Papa Pear Saga Level 274, tricks and tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


The King switched some levels so level 274 is now Papa Pear Saga level 272:


Papa Pear Saga Level 274The new TASK for Papa Pear Saga Leve 274 is to light up the buckets. Note that the lids on the buckets will be on different buckets in every game, so if irt feels bad, just loose a life and try again! You have 18 papas in your papa cannon to complete level 274.



Old documentation for Papa Pear Saga Level 274 below:

Task: 14 Papas to Remove 90 Acorns; 50,000 points.


There’s only 92 acorns, and you need 90. This is a timing level to hit the trees to shoot your papas at the bottom orchids and break through to hit the warp spinner emerging your papa by the top orchids. If you’re lucky your papa will fall down thegap by the wall and hit that orchid too.
You can shoot out some of the top acorns directly, but that might get the cauliflower blowing. And you can always try to bounce off a blueberry to hit the last few you need. Grande and fireball bonuses are useful too, but a Papa Grande tends to bounce inside the blueberries unless you have blowing cauliflower to give it a push. The cauliflower will also blow your papa at acorns if in the section with the orchid since they spin.
Sorry this isn’t the greatest for tips.

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