Papa Pear Saga Level 279 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


The King Papa Pear Saga DEVS switched some levels, so level 279 is now Papa Pear Saga level 273:Β


Task: 10 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 70,000 points.

You need to keep the cauliflower blowing to get the fruit on the right so start by curving your aiming line to just to the right of the bottom cauliflower, hitting the orchid which will start the lower one blowing. Hit the top one on the edge and you might bounce into one of the two fruit areas. I just learned this but a pinkish (first hit) cauliflower blows lightly while an all white (second hit) blows harder. Have the cauliflower blow your papa until your fruit is free but be patient. If you free the top fruit then remove the top cauliflower otherwise you could have 2 or 3 papas bouncing around in the upper fruit area.
Have the cauliflower blow your papa into the lower fruit area, hitting the orchid for a multiplier. Then let your papa bounce around removing items in the lower fruit area or onions underneath which is very important too. That warp spinner is your access to the right side fruit.
If the watermelon seeds are altering your papa’s shot remove it, especially after the two fruit are dropped.
You can hit the warp spinner two ways if you removed most of the onions by it; bounce off the right edge of the blueberry or have the bottom tree shoot your papa in. I had an easier time bouncing off the blueberry. Once through the warp your papa emerges you by the top left blueberry where your papa will bounce off onions, acorns, and blueberries.
Now comes the problem with this board. You can drop the fruit only to have it get stuck on the bubble or, if the bubble is popped, fall onto the blueberry above the green bucket getting stuck. One way to avoid this is to remove the onions by the right of the bubble opening an area for the fruit to fall. You can try sending another papa through the warp and hope it lands on the bubble, popping it, but you might get the “fruit is free but not falling” problem. And if your fruit does land on the blueberry you’ll never be able to get if unstuck.








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