Papa Pear Saga Level 280 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use 20 Power-Ups; 400,000 points.

The King switched some levels, so level 280 is now Papa Pear Saga level 276:

You’d think with 12 power-ups getting 8 more should be easy. It’s not. Slowly shoot 3 papas trying to expose the top multipliers. They should hit enough things to make grande bonuses and maybe a fireball bonus.
Continue trying to hit the multipliers since you need points. If you have some easy to hit bonuses, especially a grande, try sending a Papa Grande into the warp spinner to hit the wall, the fireball, doubler, and grande bonuses causing lots of removal of lower items. With so many Papa Grandes hope that one or two hit the blueberries to bounce on the buckets for a doubler bonus or into the warp and make a fireball bonus off the opposite wall.
It may sound easy but if you have papas bouncing everywhere you have a better chance of winning.

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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 280”

  1. Jef Tombeur

    I did “get it” (21/20 & 4 Papas remaining).
    Then the so usual bug: points and bullets going & going on, but nothing validated. Wonder why…

  2. Alf Igel

    How could you ever expose the two multis on top with three papas? Not even with three each, as there ar several layers of onions above them usually.
    Useless tips then…


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