Papa Pear Saga Level 285 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 1,000,000 points.


The King switched some levels, so level 285 is now Papa Pear Saga level 278:
This is just a ridiculously hard level. No skill, just luck. You’ve been warned so good luck!
Only shoot one papa at a time. Start by putting your pointer up to the left of your lives heart and shoot a papa. That keeps it from bouncing toward the center and by the left wall area hitting acorns, bamboo, the wall, and eventually a multiplier above the blueberry. Hopefully you’ll bounce around in there hitting the fireball bonus and lower multiplier making a grande bonus.
For the right side, aim at the eyes above the bamboo, keeping you on the right side removing acorns, hitting bamboo and the wall, until you get down to the multiplier and blueberries. Again, hopefully your papa will bounce around hitting the fireball bonus and lower multiplier and creating a grande bonus.
Shoot a papa straight down to get at the multipliers above and on each side of the blueberry above the center bucket. There is a fireball bonus above the blueberry too.
There are multipliers above the red and orange buckets so remove the acorns/leaves above those areas. There is no direct shot at it so if all the acorns are removed above it aim straight lined at the horizontal line on the of the edge bamboo and you should bounce off it into the multiplier and berries.
Now the hard part begins. If you have a grande bonus between the bamboo by the blueberries shoot it and hope for lots of bounces to get the score. If it’s close but not centered hit the grande bonus on the opposite side you want it to go. So if you want your Papa Grande to go to the left hit the right side.
If the grande bonuses are in useless you can try to aim in 3 areas:

1) To the left between the closed eyes of the house,

2) To the right at two bits of cloud,

3) To the right/edge of the castle eyes.

These 3 shots take lots of luck and tiny adjustments to work well.
Good luck and sorry for the wordy multiplier locations. After one game you’d see where they are.
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Video with Papa Grande:

Video without Papa grande:


7 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 285”

  1. Raven

    This is beyond hard. It’s BS. Been doing it daily for over 2 weeks.. Guess they want us to get frustrated and quit at this level.

  2. Pat

    If you don’t hit all multipliers on the left and right side with the first two papas, you can already quit. It is not possible without these multipliers to collect the needed points, even if you should remove all the blackberries…
    Stupid game…

    • Alf Igel

      Just passed with 1,800,000 points = three stars !!!
      Got unusual many papa grandes at the blueberries, which bounced a lot and scored a lot.


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