Papa Pear Saga Level 287 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Use 16 Power-Ups; 120,000 points.


You want to make fireball and grande power-ups on this level. Take your time shooting papas too because they bounce and move all over the board. Shoot to the right so you hit the wall and see if your papa will bounce off the onions and acorns, eventually into the top two trees to get stuck shooting back and forth making a grande power-up. A side blowing cauliflower really helps to get that back and forth tree shooting.
Keep trying to make fireballs. Your papa will be affected by the lower vacuum plants hopefully hitting lower acorns, blackberries, and yellow chilies. The downward aiming trees and cauliflowers will help you remove the chilies but also send you into buckets.
Use the top 3 blowing cauliflower to blow your papa from where you hit one wall to the other wall. The warp spinner will have your papa emerge above and in between both blueberries for a potential wall hit if not by the way it entered but dropping down to the edge tree.
Removing the same items like all acorns will get you a multiplier power-up. Let the bouncing papas remove them since the vacuum plants will try to alter your shot. And hit power-ups on their edge so they bounce into other power-ups saving your papas.
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  1. Alf Igel

    Hardly got any grande bonus, but fireballs were plenty. Shooting to any one side will often make the papa go to the other side somehow. Together with the multipliers I got 18 power-ups in the end, and scored over 538,000 points.


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