Papa Pear Saga Level 288 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; Get at least 500,000 points.


Multiplies and grande bonuses will have you beat this level. Remove the red pepper first for a quick multiplier and hit it with a second papa to start doubling your points unless your first papa hits it. Hitting the edge blackberries might look easy but they’ll bounce your papa back to the middle usually. Gently aim for the onions to get a lot of bouncing for a grande bonus hopefully. Once you have a Papa Grande it should bounce off the blueberries and pea pods making another grande bonus and lots of peas for points.
Be careful not to intentionally make a fireball bonus or it’ll burn up the pea pods. If you’re lucky you may make a doubler bonus too. Just look at the board to see what items can be easily removed for multiplier bonuses. The Papa Grandes do a good job but you might have one acorn or blackberry that needs removing. It all depends on your score whether to make a multiplier or use a well placed grande bonus.

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