Papa Pear Saga Level 289, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 130,000 points.
What a pain this level can be with the leaves hiding onion surrounded fruit and pea pods but mostly the lower onions and nuts that your fruit can get stuck on.
There is a horizontal pea pod to the top left and a vertical one by the wall on the right. Your papa will get stuck on the right pea pod but returned. The left side may roll across if you don’t shoot high or, better yet, roll into the leaves and revealing the onion “cages” around the fruit.
Once you’ve removed the leaves and damaged or removed onions you need your papa to drop so it can be shot by a tree hitting onions or bouncing and hitting the orchids. The orchids will remove the lower carrots, acorns around it, and lower the bottom onions by one hit (three hits to remove an onion). Hitting the rightmost orchid needs your papa to get between the onions around the fruit and get shot around by that tree hitting onions but eventually bouncing into the orchid.
The lower center fruit are hard to hit since you don’t have a direct shot. A grande bonus that goes Papa Grande in the center with the trees shooting it will hit the lower fruit onions around them. You may also have to bounce off the top fruit’s remaining onions to help drop the lower fruit.
Hopefully while trying to get the fruit to drop your papas were removing the bottom onions so your fruit will hit the bucket. It can be really easy to free the fruit only to have it hang on an onion making it need a lucky bounce, especially on the left side so try to have your fruit fall to the center.

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