Papa Pear Saga Level 293 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 24 90,000 Use 16 Power-Ups; 90,000 points.


Make fireball power-ups using cauliflower and the vacuum plants! Hit the left wall, hitting the cauliflower, but sending you into the top plant. Repeat until the top cauliflower is removed. If your papa doesn’t get sucked in the top one it may either go into the next one down or bounce around making a grande power-up.
The main idea is to hit the left wall until one of the vacuum plants explodes having your papas hit the right wall for a fireball power-up and get sucked into the next plant until they all pop and you get their multiplier bonus. If the top plant is red you can shoot at it directly, popping it and starting their destruction.
Keeping an upper cauliflower blowing is extremely helpful since they will blow your papa to the right wall. But it will need a clear path so use some of the fireballs you made to remove items. If you have power-ups close to each other try to bounce off of one into the other, saving you a papa.
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7 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 293”

  1. Jocelyn

    I am so frustrated with this level. I’ve tried more than 100 times and I never get enough power ups. Can we spell boring? I’m ready to delete this Ap.

  2. Teresa

    Everybody is right you can never get enough power ups even if you buy every one you can get. Please revise this level or I’ll stop playing this game and you know what that means ? NO MORE MONEY FOR YOU !

  3. Carol Morgan

    Can never get 13 powerups no matter what I do. My husband got a ton of powerups when he played level 293

  4. mapa

    Totally agree with the above.
    Never get enough power ups this level.Time to give up.

  5. Andrea

    293 papa pear…I started with 4 bought power ups and cleared the board with huge high score…never can get the required power ups…

    • JP

      I can’t get the 13 popups no matter what wall I hit. The vacuums explode all bunched up & I get 1 or 2 popups. I’ve never gotten more than 7 and that’s rare. When a game becomes frustrating, it’s time to stop playing it.


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