Papa Pear Saga Level 294 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Use 25 Power-Ups; 150,000 points.


Break the jars and ignore the mystery buckets! Aim so your papa hits two jars on the same side. On your first shot wait until the mystery can is near the jars so when you hit them you’ll hit the can too. Continue until you break a jar and hit the power-up. After the power-uped papa has dropped, hopefully hitting more cans and jars, shoot at the wall behind the jar to break it, hopefully moving down to the next jar.
If a non-multiplier power-up is exposed from the jar hit it to help break more jars or hit revealed mystery can items that had power-ups in them causing the spinners to get stuck.
Once you’ve gotten most, if not all, of one side of jars removed start on the other side, breaking two then hitting the others off the wall. When down to your last few shots and power-ups needed see what is available to hit. Doubler power-ups work well since you’ll have two papas to hit things.
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