Papa Pear Saga Level 298, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Remove 5 Watermelons; 200,000 points.


This is a harder level than you might think because of the right top watermelon and the mystery cans around the acorn and onion square and inside it. Start by shooting at the left watermelon, removing the top acorns and weakening the onions.

Seeds from the right watermelon may keep your papas removing items too. Soon papas should bounce around off seeds, acorns, blueberries, and helpful mystery can items to make a grande bonus or two.

Hitting the right watermelon is hard because if you shoot too soon you hit the seeds coming out and too late you hit the seeds by the tree eyes. Time your shot to hit the top watermelon before it spits. You might have help in the mystery can like a cauliflower or blueberry. You can try having the lower right watermelon bounce your papa up to the items under it but it’s hard to keep the papa there.
Hit a grande bonus as soon as you can so you can start removing the acorns/onions box and hit the lower two watermelons by bouncing along the bottom left watermelons seeds. If Papa Grande doesn’t get down there hope for lots of bouncing for points and grade bonus making.
When you get the top right watermelon removed aim at the wall to try to make a fireball bonus. A Fire Papa removes items, including watermelons quickly, Fire Papa Grande really really clears out the board.
And there is always a chance the mystery cans in the “box” have watermelons for another target. Bouncing around is a very important thing on this level.



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3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 298”

  1. Pat

    My suggestion is to start at the top right melon. When you have removed that, the top left will be easier to remove. And all the papas bouncing around will remove another two or three meanwhile…

    • Pat

      But I made my three stars without even touching the top right water melon. Instead took out the two on the left first with fire-grande, and then the two on the bottom happened by bouncing around. So aiming at the bottom left for the last was the easier task…
      And the mystery can was empty!!!

    • Alf Igel

      Good advice! Played two times and removed five melons this way every time. Problem was each time to score enough points, failed this on the first game 🙁


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