Papa Pear Saga Level 299 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Use 8 Power-Ups; 50,000 points.


King made this easier after launch.

You need a fireball power-up to burn the peas as soon as possible. Start with a shot between the top two cauliflower so your papa hits the wall, over the top cauliflower, into onions, peas, and hopefully into the right wall, making an accessible fireball power-up. If not, remove the top cauliflower by shooting at the wall because you don’t want it blowing your papa around and you may bounce into the right wall.

Removing the jar is critical because once you do burn up the pea pod the jar is in the way of bouncing off the pea pod into the right wall. And you do not want to get the top cauliflower blowing or it will most likely blow your papa into the buckets.

Aim at the eyes on the left side tree and bounce off the burned pea pod into the right wall. You may have to adjust your shot up or down until you find the right spot. Keep your pointer by the wall because you want a quick, not slow curved aiming line shot. Once you have it lined up keep shooting after each papa drops.

You want to make as many accessible power-ups as you can before hitting them. A lot will unfortunately end up under the bamboo or pea pod.
With lots of power-ups hit the easy ones, trying to bounce off one into another one. And you can see if you gently roll down the pea pod if the blueberry will bounce you up to the bamboo or under the pea pod.
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  1. Alf Igel

    Accessibility is the key indeed. Lost several games due to power-ups being at impossible places, king prefers to place them somewhere under the bamboo or alike πŸ™


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