Papa Pear Saga Level 300 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 22 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 50,000 points. (2 papas more than in original video)



Another hard level because of all the vacuum plants and spikeys blocking the right bucket. The spinners don’t help either. Shoot above the top right vacuum plant until it pops. The idea is to cause a chain reaction of each other vacuum plant to suck the papas in and pop. If you need to, aim high at the right wall to bounce a papa into the plant. Doing this will get a right wall hit papa to hit the left wall when they get sucked into the top left plant creating a needed fireball bonus. You need the Fire Papa to burn the spikeys by the lower right bucket and, with time, work the papa into the bucket.
If you don’t have a fireball bonus make one by straight aiming, pointer by the right wall, your aiming line between the right trees eyes. With the spinner not in your way you can bounce off the edge of the center bucket and hit the left wall. But the lid must be off the center bucket and carrots removed to hit the wall. Hit the fireball bonus and hope it stays on the burned spikeys and it “walked” over to the bucket. It might take a minute or so to get in there.





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