Papa Pear Saga Level 303, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 725,000 points.

It’s all about making the multipliers. You need the two in the jars, the blackberries, yellow chilies, watermelons, and vacuum plants all removed for a good score.
Pop a bubble surrounding a jar and let your papa removing what it can before getting sucked into a plant. Aim above the jar, hitting the acorns/onions and you may get your papa bouncing up and down, breaking the jar for the multiplier or at least hitting the watermelon or berry and chilies before going into the plant. Keep bouncing off the lid until you pop the plant.
Once the plant pops hope you remove a lot, if not all, the chilies on that side and the lower vacuum plant sucks in some papas while removing those berries.
Continue the same steps on the other side, hitting the jar, watermelon, berry, until you pop that plant and hopefully the center one hitting those multipliers and into the warp spinner sending papas above each top blueberry on both sides. Now see what you have in terms of easily hittable multipliers and grande bonuses. The multipliers are most important so hit them on an edge to bounce towards something removable or into blueberries.
The top berries can take lot of shots to remove so use a curved aimer to hit them so you have them all removed, along with all the others, for a multiplier and access to any peas inside by the trees. A Papa Grande won’t make a lot of peas because only the top tree rotates now but can get caught inside the pea pods for a brief time and maybe hot into the warp for bouncing on blueberries.

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