Papa Pear Saga Level 304, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Use 16 Power-Ups; 100,000 points.


The vacuum plant will try to suck your papas in which is what you want, along with removing all the acorns, onions, carrot, blackberry, and multiplier power-up underneath it. Getting rid of the two onions at the bottom of each side of the bamboo makes bouncing in easier.
Blowing cauliflower can keep your papa from dropping in bucket so aim at the left wall below the point on the windmill so your aiming line is on the white area below. This should bounce your papa off a blueberry hitting the left cauliflower. If you miss adjust up or down a bit. Don’t waste a lot of papas trying if you can’t get it. The video shows how to hit it.
Getting your papas in the plant seems to need gentle bounces off the blueberries which isn’t always going to happen. If that is the case shoot at the acorns to remove them and hopefully get sucked into the plant. The blueberries may bounce your papa into the jar gaining access to that power-up too.
Once the plant pops hope it hits the 3 multiplier power-ups and makes some grande ones too. In the right spot a Papa Grande will remove a bunch of acorns by being shot by the tree or remove a cauliflower.
If you’ve removed everything but one blowing cauliflower and need a power-up you can make a fireball one if you have enough papas left. Shoot at the wall under the blueberry which has the cauliflower. It will blow the papa over the center into the opposite wall and make a fireball power-up. Hit it to get your last power-up.
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  1. ruth

    this shows starting with 20 papas which in this level could make a huge difference…you only start with 18. could you show doing it with 18 please?


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