Papa Pear Saga Level 305, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 14 Papas to Remove 70 Peas; 15,000 points.

As you can see in the picture you want to aim gently and hit the holly spinner to either get sucked into the vacuum plant or go down the pea pod by the wall into the warp spinner. The papa emerges above either holly dropping you onto exposed peas or pods until sucked into the plant. Keep shooting, watching out that you don’t hit the spikey, until the plant pops.
Now that you’ve made lots of peas and probably fattened up the other vacuum plant because of the warp, shoot when the wall side pod is going up to it’s highest point so your papa can make more peas in where the plant was. Now it’s a matter of hitting those peas with the pod section moving down.
Shoot at the left holly to hopefully make some peas and pop that plant for a multiplier. The grande bonus is nice if you hit it for a Papa Grande and into the warp emerging on the right side where peas are easier to make.
The top mystery cans have fireball (bad), grande (good), or doublers (okay) in them. A Papa Grande is good on the right side because of the curved pods. This is the slowest I’ve seen a pea pod spit out peas so slowly so shoot where you have the most peas.
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  1. Alf Igel

    Good strategy to shoot at the walls only.
    And you don’t need any more shots when the two vacuum plants have popped: I had collected far over 100 peas then!


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