Papa Pear Saga Level 306, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 70,000 points.


Start by trying to hit the only acorn on the right by bouncing your papa off the inside of the outer onion under the right orchid. You’ll need to remove it to help that green spinner move anyway, along with all the other onions. Shoot an orchid just below the point the center pointing petal and your papa should bounce and hit the other orchid removing both multipliers, orchids, and starting the cauliflower blowing.
An easy way to light the center bucket is to shoot at the leftmost spinner pointing at the center bucket but don’t hit the onion. Your papa will roll down and pop the bubble, hit the berry, and then the red lid. Keep shooting and the end berry will be removed for a straight roll to the center bucket.
Once you remove all the onions, try bouncing off one into another, lighting the edge buckets takes a gently curved aiming line to drop your papa right on the bucket. There are trees that will shoot your papa hidden under the leaves.
A fairly easy level unless you get a multiplier that blocks a green spinner.
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  1. Pat

    It does not matter where you shoot at, and in what direction. The papas will bounce from left to right and back and forth, and eventually hit an already lit bucket.
    Stupid game!


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