Papa Pear Saga Level 308 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Remove 80 Blackberries; 325,000 points.


You need grande and fireball bonuses to make this level easier. With the two vacuum plants covering warp spinners getting your papa bouncing off the vertical blueberries and hitting the middle two groups of blackberries should get you a grande bonus or two.
Shoot at the right wall to hit it, bounce off some blueberries and blackberries and the jar too. When sucked into the plant and it pops the warp spinner sends papas to the top left, center, and right side of the board. Papas emerging on the left side should hit the wall for the fireball bonus.
When one plant pops wait until all the papas have hit the buckets and see whats left. If you still have a plant to pop try to do that by bouncing off any blackberry near it. A Papa Grande might not be affected by the plant but they bounce off blueberries removing more of the blackberries.
Hitting the lower groups of blackberries and the horizontal row above the buckets is very hard when not in Grande mode, Fire Grande especially. There is no real way to get to the lower berries unless it’s after a plant pops and paps are everywhere.
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  1. Pat

    Usually it’s not possible to hit more than 78 blackberries, because the five hiding under the lower blueberries cannot be hit other than by pure chance.
    Stupid design again, luck is all that counts πŸ™


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