Papa Pear Saga Level 311 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 13 Papas to Remove 111 Acorns; 65,000 points.


Getting 111 of the 119 acorns requires patience and keeping the watermelon from being removed. Start on the right side waiting for a clear shot to get your papa to roll down the bamboo, popping a bubble and sending your papa up by bouncing off watermelon seeds to hit the acorns. Having the papa get by the wall side is a safe way to remove acorns and make a grande bonus.
The left side is trickier because that tree moves faster but it’s the same patient shot. If all the bubbles are popped you can curve your aiming line to go between the blueberry and bamboo to shoot a papa if you are worried about removing the watermelons.
Using a grande bonus takes time to remove the acorns because the trees constantly get it and shoot it. If you are really lucky a tree will pop the center bubble with a Papa Grande hitting the doublers making four or more Papa Grandes.
The most important acorns are the ones with the watermelons under them. Remove as many, if not all, that you can. The warp spinner will emerge your papa over the top blueberries by the trees. Once you cleared the sides use the trees to shoot your papa at the center acorns. When down to a last few needed acorns aim carefully so you don’t hit the trees.

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      Two stars at 325,000 points, how crazy is that? I see no one having reached even 200,000 points.


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