Papa Pear Saga Level 312 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 900,000 points.


Make multiple Fire Papa Grandes! You need the fire to burn the spikeys and the grande will remove the spikeys from the board. Having two or three bouncing around will also make more grande and fireball bonuses and also remove items for important multipliers to get your points. Let your Fire Papas hit the multipliers as they bounce around too so you don’t use a potentially needed papa later. Wait patiently for the bamboo to move when trying to hit the edge grande and fireball bonuses.
Once you have most all of the board cleared except the blueberries and the multipliers have been hit if you need points hit the blueberries and bounce around. You probably won’t hit enough to make a grande bonus but with up to x8 points you should bounce enough to get the 900,000, if not more.
There’s nothing nicer than watching those spikeys disappear with multiple Fire Papa Grandes.
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