Papa Pear Saga Level 314 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 12 Papas to Remove 13 Cauliflower; 40,000 points.


You want to make fireball bonuses to burn up the lower spikey and help remove the cauliflower so start by removing the acorns/onions and blackberries so your papa can enter the warp spinners. Your papa will emerge by a wall up in the bamboo area possibly hit by watermelon seeds. Let it bounce around to start cauliflower blowing. Keep shooting out the items so the watermelon seeds are free to hit the warp. Your papa may drop down between the top watermelon to start the cauliflower blowing but that’s okay.
The left lower watermelon seeds are unblocked by an acorn/onion but the right ones are so you’ll want to remove that unless you’re warped to the right and drop down hitting it.
Once you’ve bounced around and hopefully made a fireball bonus try to hit it. That bottom spikey is a nuisance so hope you hit it with your Fire Papa as well as cauliflowers. the fire aura around the papa will act as a hit if it gets close to cauliflower.
Now that things are blowing keep trying to make fireball bonuses to remove the watermelons for a better chance at removing the cauliflowers. You’ll most likely remove the six cauliflower under the water melons by getting blown around when you’re underneath them. If not, aim at their side to remove them. Fire papas will remove the top corner cauliflower if the watermelon is till spitting seeds or the lower cauliflower is in full blow power.
Removing the corner three cauliflower can be done with a timing shot since the center most one rotates. As it is rotting to the center shoot between it and the one next to it for a hopeful double removal. Without the rotting ones just hit the cauliflower one its side to remove it.
You’ll make multipliers because of the blackberries, acorns, onions, and watermelons getting removed. See if you get blown into them before directly shooting unless you have removed most all of the needed cauliflowers. It’s not as bad as it looks.
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