Papa Pear Saga Level 316, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 14 Papas to Remove 100 Peas; 100,000 points.
It’s 14 papas, not 15 like the picture shows. King gave a bonus one at the start of each try on this level for a while.
This is a fairly straightforward level of shooting through the top two blueberries and have your papa bounce off the pea pod so you hit the peas. The blueberries move up and down so when aiming make sure the dotted line goes through the gap. The pea pod moves much faster on the right side.
Pea creation will start slowly so don’t lose hope. Keep shooting at a side, the right seems easier, and soon you’ll be bouncing off blueberries and peas possibly making a grande bonus. Having a Papa Grande bouncing off the peas and pod will help get you the 100 needed.
Hitting the mystery cans is up to you but your pap may bounce out of the pea area hitting one. It’s your decision to remove the item if it’s multiplier worthy, and then you’ll have to hit the multiplier. If it’s a cauliflower that is blowing your shot away then remove it. A sideways blowing cauliflower can be helpful.
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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 316”

  1. Pat

    The top mystery can often has a melon, that when removes gives a multiplier. Once you got that, keep shooting to the right whenever the pea pod is moving downwards. With some lucky bounces you will eventually have over 120 peas and 777,000 points…

    • Alf Igel

      I made better experience when shooting to the right side when the pea pod is moving up half way.
      But I made very bad experience with grande bonuses. Far over 80% will be in the middle, where they are completely useless, and the rest on the left side, where they are not so helpful either. Exactly ZERO ware on the right side and that in such a high number of games played that makes it statistically significant.


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