Papa Pear Saga Level 317, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 20,000 points.


This level is, unfortunately, about getting lucky bounces when emerging from the warp spinners. And a lemon as the top fruit with the nut next to it is even harder.
So put your pointer all the way up by the heart and bounce off the left wall into the warp spinner. Your papa will emerge above the bottom fruit moving in the direction it entered the warp. That’s the “secret” to the warp, how you enter is how you come out. By hitting the left wall your papa bounces, moving to the right into the warp, and emerges above the bottom fruit moving to the right and hitting the orange bucket. Keep shooting until the lid is destroyed. Studying the video and trying these shots here’s how to drop the fruit by bouncing off the wall first.
Bottom fruit-left warp will hit it bouncing to open or left buckets. The left buckets will open later.
Right fruit-left warp moving left to bounce off berry and edge of bucket removing blackberry.
Top fruit-left warp moving right bounce off berry up knocking it down. May land on center lid but will be hit later.
Left fruit-right warp moving right to hit left berry once then left warp moving left to hit orchid.
If you have fruit on the left lids shoot left warp to bounce on lid. Or shoot at right warp to remove right lid. Of course you might not get the correct bounce keeping the fruit where it is or a bounce knocking one off so don’t get frustrated. A green apple on the left might bounce its way off the berries before you shoot. But a lemon on top won’t fall if hit by a berry bounced papa. If the fruit is stuck try different shots into the edge warps like bouncing off the blueberry. The center warp, unless you can get an upwards bounce, will just drop your papa down on the center fruit/lid/open bucket.

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  1. Gail

    Your tips are excellent. It’s good to know that I kinda know what I’m doing b4 I read yours. But helpful nonetheless!!

    • Me

      No, this is hopeless. I just played ten times, tried different things, but the berry under the top fruit was not even hit a single time. Useless level. End of the game.


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