Papa Pear Saga Level 320, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 22 Papas to Use 15 Power-Ups; 25,000 points.


This is unbelievable but King added 2 papas from the original 20 and didn’t change anything else. While waiting for the vacuum plants aim at the top green spinners lower blackberry trying to get it to bounce up and hit the top one. Once the vacuum plants are about a third of the way from the bamboo shoot 3 papas at the middle pea pod. The plants will suck your papas down toward the bottom pea pod making peas but also a doubler and up to 3 grande power-ups. Where they appear is a mystery, hopefully on the papa “gun” side. Finish removing the upper blackberries so you have access to the warp spinner but also do the vacuum plant three shot for the power-ups.
Carefully look at the leaves to find the warp. You want to shoot at the wall hitting it and into the warp so your papa emerges above the acorns but heads for the wall hitting it for a fireball power-up and into one of the plants. If you hit the warp straight on that’s okay since it may hit some acorns on its way into a plant.
Watch out for the watermelon seeds when shooting, especially at the warp. You may need to aim at the top of the holly spinner to remove more leaves to see if there are any hidden power-ups besides the doubler above the blue bucket. A Papa Grande removes a lot of leaves and hitting the warp will remove a bunch of acorns.
After a while see where your power-ups are and the vacuum plants statuses (ready to pop). If you have a lot on the “gun” side be sure to hit them on edges so they bounce towards other power-ups. A Papa Grande hitting a doubler will do a lot of good being bounced by the watermelon seeds and hopefully warping to the other side to pop both plants and remove the acorns and one onion for multiplier power-ups. Notice there is one acorn on the red bucket handle.
If there are a lot of power-ups by the plants shoot into the warp for a fireball power-up and pop the plants, hopefully hitting the power-ups. You will need to decide which area to start hitting power-ups but both sides are needed.
When down to your last few shots and both sides are clear of all accessible power-ups make another fireball one and hope it appears on the “gun” side. It’s hard to hit any power-ups on the left side unless you shoot straight into the warp. Don’t make the lower blackberries a priority, just a “bonus” removal from a power-uped papa.
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