Papa Pear Saga Level 321, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 17 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 20,000 points.


What the heck were they thinking putting this level together. Nothing is balanced, just a mess of ways to hold fruit. I hope this isn’t a trend.
Lets start with the hidden facts. There is an acorn at the bottom outside of each holly spinner. Those must be removed for that fruit to fall into the buckets. There is also a blueberry moving left and right over the red bucket.
You need to remove the bubbles so shoot at the three to the left of the top fruit, aiming at the bottom of the holly spinner where the acorn is hidden, when the peas are moving down so you avoid hitting them. The fruit will fall and you should have damaged the orange bucket lid too. Getting the fruit to drop in the bucket requires another orange bucket lid hit or 2 on the pink one.
Pop the two right sided bubbles to get access to the right fruit. Put your aiming line on the center of the top “x” and shoot papas to remove the acorns, onions, blackberries to hit the doubler and get your papa to remove carrots until the fruit drops in the bucket. Don’t forget about the acorn by the right bottom of the holly spinner or your fruit will be stuck.
I have no idea besides a lucky bounce how to remove that left side fruit. If you want a fireball bonus aim just above the right eye on the moon to bounce off the wall, bamboo, and hit the other wall. The Fire Papa or regular papa needs to get below the bamboo area to hit the carrots by bouncing off the blueberry. You may be able to remove some carrots by shooting down at the pea pod by the blueberry and make peas to bounce off of but you will also make a lot of peas blocking that straight shot a second time.
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  1. sunkist

    if you aim through the right eye of the top, brown tiki and bounce off the wall you can clear the carrots. but must avoid the peas or you’re in trouble


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