Papa Pear Saga Level 324, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 1,000,000 points.


This level all depends on what’s in the mystery cans. If you get good multiplier items you can win pretty easily. Things like spikeys, nuts, or bubble flowers will make it harder.
Shoot at the wall by the tree to bounce off onions an get shot out by the tree at a higher or lower area, it’s not immediately with this tree. Try this a few times to see if you can hit a mystery can or the red peppers and multipliers. You’ll need a lot of multipliers so if one is easily hittable do it.
Making a fireball bonus takes some helpful bounces off onions and acorns and your best chance is shooting at the left wall. You might make a grande bonus also. Hmm, a grande bonus.
Yes a Papa Grande will remove lots of onions and possibly cans and multipliers. But it will also create a wide gap for all the rest of your papas to fall down and not get points. Then you could be stuck just bouncing off a wall or gently curving on top of onions. So you decide if you want to use the grande bonus.
A Fire Papa is a safer way not to make a gap since they bounce left and right or straight down not making a wide gap. Plus they burn the spikeys and bubble plants.
If you’re down to a few papas and need points shoot gently at large groups of onions trying to bounce up and down. A blueberry with a gap to hit onions is good too because blueberry bounces increase their point amounts each time they are hit.
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  1. Pat

    Had a papa grande, and not only did manipulate it bouncing away from the cactusses at sleep, but even manipulated it such that if fell past a multiplier at the bottom even though that was hardly possible at all.


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