Papa Pear Saga Level 325, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Remove 88 Carrots; 50,000 points.


This level isn’t too bad despite only having 91 carrots and 15 papas. They changed the number of papas but everything else is the same. You want the vacuum plants to do the carrot removal for you. Shoot at the two carrots to your left. Your papa will roll around removing more carrots before getting sucked into a vacuum plant. Shoot at the spinning tree when the open end starts coming around to pointing up otherwise it may shoot your papa directly into a spikey. With so few papas you don’t want to lose one so quickly. You can just shoot directly at the left plant or, better yet, bounce off the any carrot edge by the papa “gun” so you remove it and get sucked into the plant.
Now the fun begins. Pop the plant removing carrots and get the papas sucked into the plant surrounded by acorns removing more carrots. You will need to remove the 4 carrots by the tree to win so try shooting at them directly. If the lower left plant is ready to pop bounce off the wall to pop it.
Now the middle vacuum plant should suck up a bunch of papas removing more carrots. Aim at any carrots by the onions or others near it to remove them as the plant sucks your papas in. When it pops papas will head to the right side plant.
Now you open a carrot gap by the right tree and aim in trying to roll your papa around the outside carrots and eventually into the plant. Don’t be afraid to bounce off carrots as long as they bounce so the plant can suck the papa in. Pop it for a multiplier bonus and see what carrots are left.
You’ll be very low on papas so now is the time for careful aiming. You need remove the carrot by the spikeys so shoot between them. Aim at other carrots hitting the line between two of them if they are still “connected” for a 2 in one shot like you first started with.
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  1. Pat

    I made 140,000 points only, but had the feeling that something more is possible. Yes, it is: 240,000 🙂


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