Papa Pear Saga Level 327 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 18 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 50,000 points.


What you see is a bonus papa so the video is played with 19 papas. And anyone who was moaning about not getting enough peas on earlier levels will get frustrated by how any you can get here.
You need fireball bonuses in the mystery cans to realistically win. If not the holly spinners get stuck by peas and your papa won’t get down to the buckets. You know Fire Papas burn up pea pods and they do two times the lid damage which really helps.
Shoot at the wall of the top mystery can so you hit it when the vacuum plant is moving away from that wall and in the center of its left/right motion. This way you hit the wall, open the can, and don’t bounce too far back to the center to be affected by the plant. Your papa should roll quickly down the peas either hitting one of the 2 buckets on that side or get sucked on by the plant rolling around making peas eventually hitting a lid.
If you get a fireball bonus wait for the plant to get close so it can attract your Fire Papa and burn out a lot of pea pods, eventually falling on hopefully the center bucket. The blueberry will slow down any papa if it’s bouncing a little causing the papa to fall on one of the three middle buckets.
Shoot out the second mystery bucket if you didn’t hit it from a bounce and see what’s in there. Getting the lower two cans requires a nice curve of your aiming line so be sure you know how to do that or a bounce off any peas in the area. If there are any multiplier items hit them so they are removed and out of the way.
If you burned out a good area of lower and end curved peas shoot to that side when the vacuum gets close so your papa will roll underneath and hit a bucket. Should the side holly spinners get stuck up and down gently curve your aimer to bounce off of it into a lid or gray bucket. This is an easy way to light up the end two buckets. It will also work if the holly is free to spin. Once you find a successful bucket hitting shot keep doing it!
Should the edge holly be stuck by peas horizontally you’ll have to quit because you can’t get at the buckets. And hit any multipliers that are easily accessible, bouncing away fro the plant. The corner warp spinners will send your papa to either the center of the pea pod/bamboo oval or above the top pea pod. The inner warp does the same thing to your papa.
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