Papa Pear Saga Level 330, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Use 15 Power-Ups; 50,000 points.


Fireball power-ups and patience are needed on this level. So make as many fireballs to start as possible. You need them to burn spikeys, especially the 4 at the bottom. The patience is needed so if you have exposed a bunch of watermelons you wait to see where your papa bounces off of seeds hopefully hitting both walls.
Make a Fire Papa or two if possible to start removing the watermelons and carrots. Burning the end spikeys is very helpful if the seeds are everywhere because you’re likely to bounce into them with a regular papa.
Once the watermelon and carrots are pretty much gone and you’ve hopefully burned up some of the lower spikeys around the power-ups. Hitting them straight down is hard so you can always try bouncing off a wall without any watermelons to get seeds bouncing your papa away.
The jars can be hit with a direct shot in the corner causing your papa to bounce on the jar rapidly breaking it for the power-up.

NEW update, now 16 Power-Ups!


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  1. Pat

    As usual, manipulates the fire papas in such a way that they just go down the bucket faster than going anywhere else…


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