Papa Pear Saga Level 331, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Remove 180 Potato Dice; 65,000 points.


This picture has a bonus papa in the “gun”. It’s 20 in the game. Welcome the potato as a new item for us to remove. It’s a multiple hit item since the first hit cuts it in half. Hit one of the halves and you get two potato sticks. Hit a potato stick and you get the two dice. King put a new twist on removing the potato dice for counting toward the task by making them have to fall in the bucket and since those little things like to bounce around they can land on other potato parts. Luckily your papa will sink through a small pile of dice to hit what’s supporting them. And when you hit any piece of potato they split and go to another spot on the board. Let’s start making dice now.
Shoot high at a wall to bounce off it and start hitting and splitting the potatoes. Hitting an orchid will split any potato size in its spin area and destroy dice which counts toward your task. Try shooting at the same wall again bouncing off the blueberries to split more potatoes. Then aim at the other wall and do the same. You want to split all the full potatoes quickly and make as many potato sticks as you can.
The nice thing about a potato stick is that you’ll bounce off of it at the angle you hit it so when you have a lot of sticks try to bounce off one into others.
Sticks in piles will bounce your papa in odd directions depending on what stick you hit. So hitting a pile of three sticks doesn’t mean you’ll break all three.
Look for dice that are stuck on a potato piece and split the piece to drop the dice. When down to your last few papas gently aim at groups or areas with lots of sticks so you can bounce around them making dice. Once you play it you’ll have a better understanding of how the potatoes split. One thing I found slightly annoying is that sometimes the dice like to bounce around and I kept thinking it was my papa but you get used to it.


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  1. Jeff Hutson

    I just reached the end of episode 22. There is no 23, level 331 on my device. Any suggestions?


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