Papa Pear Saga Level 332, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 25 Papas to Use 20 Power-Ups; 700,000 points.


Wait for the two potato dice to get sucked into the vacuum plants. Shoot over a potato to hit the wall and hopefully bounce around in between the “blueberry triangles” so you make a grande power-up and break the jars. Keep shooting at the wall until if you have potato halves so they can split into sticks. Then try hitting the sticks to make dice which will get sucked up. Keep trying this until all the plants are popped so you don’t have a lot of papas in the plants.
Now look at the board to see what power-ups you made and if any were used. Don’t go after them yet, just keep shooting at the wall when the center triangle is at it’s lowest to bounce and hit the other wall for a fireball power-up or bounce around inside hopefully for a grande power-up. See if the wall bounced off of papa hits any of the power-ups saving you a direct shot. If not, try to hit the edge of a power-up so it bounces into another one.
Papa Grandes and Fire Papas do a great job at breaking up potatoes but they will break the piece into three smaller ones, not two. A non powered-up papa breaks them in two smaller pieces. But being in Grade or Fire mode you still will split them to dice quickly.
Hitting the jars is done with luck when your papa is bouncing around, especially in Fire or Grande mode but they should break without worry. Hitting the contents if not done with the papa that broke the jar is easier with a Papa Grande because of its size.
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