Papa Pear Saga Level 333, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 17 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 100,000 points.


Start this tricky level by making a fireball bonus by bouncing off the left wall, across some carrots, into the right wall. If your papa is killed by the right spikey try a second fireball bonus because the sleeping spikey should push your papa into the right wall before it dies (your choice though). If you don’t get a fireball and grande bonus in the mystery cans it’s unlikely you’ll win. You need the Fire Papa Grande to remove a lot of carrots and more importantly as many spikeys as possible. If your first fireball becomes hittable do it for extra carrot and spikey burning. Plus, Fire Papas do double lid damage.
If you still have spikeys or lots of carrots blocking lid shots try making fireball bonuses by watching the timing of how the few spikeys, burned or alive, move so you can bounce off a wall hitting the other.
The hardest bucket is the center because the timing for a clear shot is small. Be patient and you’ll get it. The other four are easy to hit if no carrots are in your way. If so try a curved aiming line to stay near the edge buckets.
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One Response to “Papa Pear Saga Level 333”

  1. Pat

    This is really strange: If you shoot against the right wall, the papa will bounce back completely different and never make it to the left. So what’s different? Nothing, just is cheating on you.
    Also cheated: grande bonus next to fireball bonus should give a grande with fireball. But didn’t… just grande no fireball. Why do they always cheat at king,.com?

    And even four fire balls and using two papa grandes are never enough to get the center bucket filled.


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