Papa Pear Saga Level 335, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 19 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 50,000 points.
This level will test your bouncing off an item to hit another one skills. You need to hit a lower spikey that are below the green spinner (center sided lowest one) to put it to sleep. Then put your aiming line just inside it’s orange top to bounce your papa into the blackberries. If you hit two berries don’t move your aiming line and do the sleep and berry shot again to drop the fruit. Do it on both sides. If the fruit rolls up, leaning on a wall side spikey, curve your aimer so that it hits in the corner berries bouncing around. Keep doing this until it drops.
Hopefully one of the berry shots doesn’t hit a spikey and starts hitting potatoes splitting them down to sticks and hits a lid. That’s part two of this level, opening the lids on the red and orange buckets. There will be a lot of potato pieces so let your papa bounce around if you don’t have a direct shot. If the fruit is blocking the lid try to hit it so it moves and your papa can hit the lid. If the fruit is bouncing let it as you try to open a lid.
It’s easier to drop the fruit first and not open the lids because you don’t want to have the green spinner blocked by potato pieces or spinning and altering your shot. If the fruit is stopped on one of the moving sets of blueberries or on the onions try shooting through the spikeys behind the bubble plant to bounce the fruit to the center. That’s if all the the blackberries are gone.
Most importantly, let the fruit bounce before you shoot if both lids are open. You don’t want to waste a papa leaving you none and have the game stop and make you try again.

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  1. Pat

    What a stupid level. You will loose more papas on the cactus trying to hit a single blackberry than you have at all…


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