Papa Pear Saga Level 336, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 16 Papas to Remove 20 Potato Dice; 20,000 points.


You need to remove the top two watermelon and getting rid of the center one helps too. Aim at the left watermelon, just above it at the wall, so you get a double or even triple hit removing it. Watch the seeds though so you don’t bounce off of one of them when shooting. The right watermelon is the same aim just above it and shoot too.
Once the top watermelons are gone aim to the right wall as high as you can and shoot to bounce off the blueberry hitting the left wall by the spikey. If it kills your papa that’s okay because now it’s sleeping and your next right wall blueberry bounce shot will hit the left wall waking up the spikey but hitting it again putting it back to sleep and making the fireball bonus.
Make a few fireball bonuses depending on where they appear on the board. You need to burn up the spikeys to get your Fire Papa to split the potatoes into three smaller pieces. Remember, Fire or Grande Papas break potatoes into three smaller parts, normal papas just two.
Shooting at the right wall now may have your papa hit potato pieces before the wall. You want to make potato sticks so it’s okay. You’ll eventually hit the wall for a fireball bonus or potato sticks making the necessary dice to win. You can also just shoot directly at the sticks to make dice too. It’s all in where the sticks are placed and ease of direct shots. But a Fire Papa will make three dice per potato stick so keep that in mind.
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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 336”

  1. Me

    No, fire papas do NOT make three halfs out of a potato, only TWO halfs, just like normal papas..

  2. Alf Igel

    And again I fell victim of the very poor programming of this game by
    Had 19 potato dice, shot my last papa, and the twentieth dice was just about to fall into the bucket, when the game suddenly ended in a to early time out – at 125,000 points!!!


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